Chapter 2: Books & Writing
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Bad Haircut: Stories of the Seventies

  • ISBN 1882593057
  • 1995, Bridge Works (Hardcover)

Tom made his literary debut with this short story collection, earning critical praise and comparisons to Salinger, Carver, and Roth by taking readers to New Jersey in the 1970s as a boy named Buddy struggles with the timeless mysteries of sex, death, parents-and of course, bad haircuts.

Select Reviews

"More powerful than any coming-of-age novel I've read recently...These stories of the 70s deserve to be read by anyone who grew up in that blighted decade." — Washington Post

"Moving...looks past the era's celebrated kitsch to still-relevant social and cultural issues and the timeless mysteries of growing up...A convincing portrait of a time of life, illuminating all the profound cruelty and tenderness of adolescence." — Publisher's Weekly

"His stories remind their wit, humanity, and cumulative impact, of Philip Roth's GOODBYE, COLUMBUS. Like that book, Perotta's funny and deeply touching collection marks the arrival of a writer who's here for the long haul." — Tobias Wolff