Chapter 2: Books & Writing
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Joe College

  • ISBN 031228327X
  • 2000, St. Martin's Press (Hardcover)

Populated by a vividly drawn cast of characters—Yale students and lunch truck drivers alike—Joe College evokes two radically different worlds through Tom Perrotta's distinctive combination of humor, sweetness, and telling detail. Joe College is a serious comic novel about love, higher education, and food service, a uniquely American story about the mistakes we sometimes make and the illusions we have to shed on the way to finding our place in the world.

Select Reviews

"An overwhelmingly pleasing book." — New York Times

"Tom Perrotta gets it of the few convincing portrayals of college life I've ever come across." — Newsday

"JOE COLLEGE is funny, honest, and a fabulous read, especially for anyone who's tried to fit in and let go—and to figure out which parts of themselves to hold on to in the process." — Salon

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