Chapter 2: Books & Writing

The Wishbones

  • ISBN 0399142673
  • 1997, Penguin/Putnam (Hardcover)

Everything is going pretty well for Dave Raymond. He's 31, but he still feels young. He's playing guitar with the Wishbones, a New Jersey wedding band, and while it isn't exactly the Big Time, it is music. He has a roof over his head...well, it's his parents' roof, but they don't hassle him much. Life isn't perfect. But it isn't bad. Not bad at all. But then he has to blow it all by proposing to his girlfriend.

Select Reviews

"Perrotta lays out Dave's difficulties with an expert sense of pacing and revelatory incident, combining moments of unassuming poignancy with an offhand humor that occasionally rises to the hilarious." — New York Times Book Review

"[Perrotta] is like an American Nick Hornby: companionable and humane, lighthearted and surprisingly touching." — Newsweek

"I count a book as a good read if it makes me laugh out loud on the subway at rush hour. This one did." — Mademoiselle

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